Easter Eggs are hidden jokes, homages or secrets added by the game's developers. There are some of these in Rulers of Nations added by Eversim.

List of Easter Eggs Edit

  • Whenever you get a warning from a minister of a forest fire (not the video that plays, but the picture you get) is not a real-life wild fire, but actually a picture from the 1998 movie Firestorm.
  • Very rarely, the United States (controlled by the CPU) might be caught funding Total Jihad (al-Qaeda). Though this is most likely a glitch, this might be a reference to conspiracy theories allegedly connecting the C.I.A to al-Qaeda.
  • Whenever riots happen in a country, usually immediately after a "Day of the Dove" is launched by a peace aid organization to re-stablize the country. "Day of the Dove" is the name of a Star Trek: The Original Series episode.
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