2000px-Flag of Afghanistan (1931–1973).svg

The Flag of Afghanistan

The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is a country in Central Asia, bordered by Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, China, India and Pakistan. It is the headquarters for the global terrorist group Total Jihad. Due to its instability, United States maintains a military base in its territory.

Afghanistan is a country with an Religious regime ruled by a party with a Communist Religious Political ideology. It is a republic.

Its default in-game leader is Azlan Ghilzai, a caricature of real-life Afghan President Ashraf Ghani.



Exports: cereals, milk, grapes, rice, sheep, wine, wood


Exports: Building, housing and roadway construction, cement, chemical industry, computer hardware, electrical materials, electronic components, jewellery, paper, railway construction, robots, sodas, synthetic fibers.