Australia is a large, wealthy and sparsely populated country located directly south of Indonesia. Its default leader is Margareth Aygoton, a caricature of real-life Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard.


  • 3 Star military units
  • Massive surplus production of Aluminium, Coal, Iron Ore, Diamond, Gold, Silver, Flowers, Beef, Pork, Uranium, Bauxite, Sheep and Milk. These are obviously great for exporting.
  • Modest oil reserves present between the city of Darwin and the state of Western Australia's northern coast.
  • Extremely powerful offshore wind resources off Norfolk Island, the south-west corner of Western Australia, the northernmost parts of Queensland, and the easternmost waters of New South Wales.
  • Good solar energy resources absolutely anywhere in the country.
  • A good variety of political parties that can easily be made to like you (though most are impotent), unlike the strict two-party system of the United States of America.
  • One satellite launch site.
  • You start the game with 3 military satellites already in orbit.
  • NATO will readily accept your application to join them.
  • Large population of atheists means that religious complaints against you do not catch on with the public.
  • You can easily afford to have maximum employment under police, secret service, health, education and research.


  • Need to import Chemicals, Motor vehicles (both types), most types of foods, Steel, Oil, Natural Gas, Fuel, Tires, Software and Aeronautical construction.
  • The UN and WTO seem to want to expel Australia from them at the drop of a hat.
  • Getting a permanent seat on the UN Security Council is nigh-impossible.
  • A restrictive immigration policy (and it doesn't seem to reduce immigration or crime anyway). There is little public support in making immigration more liberal.
  • Military is spread very thin over the massive territory.
  • No nuclear power plants for you to start a secret nuclear weapon program with.
  • Despite its wealth, small population = small economy (roughly the same size as Indonesia's).
  • Laughably small secret service with international prescence in only one country at the start of the game (namely Syria ).
  • Artists and "ecologists" can be hard to please due to starting the game with a low budget for culture and environment.
  • No intense traffic airports or large cultural or sporting attractions.
  •  Very prone to forest fires (as in you are more likely to have a forest fire in Australia than a famine in any African country).
  • No support for national service if you decide to establish one to make the army larger.
  • Like all developed countries, constructions are slow.
  • Large protests will inevitably result from allowing gay marriage.
  • The institutions can be near impossible to please.