Germany is the largest economy in Europe and has a considerable industrial base. Its default leader, Elsa Schlehardt, is a caricature of real life German Bundeskanzler Angela Merkel.


  • Produces a surplus of these products for export: Household Appliances (the only other countries on Earth that export this good are Italy and Sweden ), Automobile Construction, Chemical Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Tire Industry, Aeronautical Construction and Sugar Beets.
  • High retirement age, which is best left alone and the people easily placated by high retirement pensions instead.
  • Multiple nuclear powerplants and advanced economy favours secret nuclear weapons programs.
  • Starts off the game already producing its own Conventional Submarines, Fighter Planes, Helicopters, Missile Launchers, Nuclear Submarines (the only other country that exports this piece of military hardware at the game's start is Russia), Other Surface Ships, and Tanks and Armored Vehicles.
  • Lower debt as a percent of GDP than neighbouring countries.


  • Declining population means that despite a high retirement age, you still have a lot of pensioners to pay for, and also, few young people enter the workforce each year, hindering public sector staffing, economic growth and military recruitment.
  • Like all developed countries, its construction speeds are low.
  • Most of Germany's nuclear power plants simply happen to be near cities, necessitating the evacuation of cities if their nearby nuclear powerplant melts down.
  • Need to import raw materials, fuels, labor and most agricultural products.
  • Your popularity is at risk if you get kicked out of the WTO, NATO, the European Union, G20 or G8.
  • Powerful countries like Russia and China as well as oil suppliers like Iran, Venezuela, Libya and Syria have very poor relationships with Germany.
  • Due to European Union nations jumpiNg at the opportunity to aid each other in war, this creates an unintended risk of wars caused by friendly fire.