An Afghanistan-based terrorist organization in the Geopolitical Simulator series. It is the most widespread terrorist organization, and it is based on both Al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

Countries of operationsEdit

  • Italy
  • Turkey

How to defeat themEdit

This plan will work, even if it takes years in-game. Perseverance is of the essence:

  1. Establish a spy network in Afghanistan, with the explicit goal of "Dismantle Terrorist groups".
  2. (Skip if Total Jihad is absent in your country) Target Total Jihad in *insert your country here* for infiltration and dismantling.
  3. (Very important) Increase both domestic and foreign secret service numbers to make up for losses in counter-terrorism, to enable future attempts at dismantling Total Jihad, and also to make the job easier as time goes by.
  4. Keep trying: you are bound to succeed if you persevere and follow the previous steps. Each partially failed attempt at dismantling terrorist groups weakens them.