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The United States of America (USA), commonly known as the United States (U.S.) or America, is a federal republic composed of 50 states, a federal district, 5 major self-governing territories, 11 uninhabited territories and 9 minor outlying islands. The territories and minor outlying islands are mutually exclusive.

The United States' default leader is Ronald Drump, a caricature of real-life President Donald Trump.

Key StatisticsEdit

  • Population: 326.7 million
  • Capital: Washington, D.C.
  • Largest city: New York City
  • Other major cities: Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, Houston, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Detroit
  • Type: Federal presidential constitutional republic
  • Area size: 9,833,520 million km2
  • Leaning: Conservative Rightest
  • Head of State/Government: Ronald Drump
  • Benefits: The US has the strongest military with 1.3 million active-duty troops at the start of (2018) the game. Shale oil can be found between Texas and Wyoming while oil can be found near Mexican territorial waters in the Gulf of Mexico. Massive investments in energy and infrastructure can be made, such as a beneficial Dallas-Chicago High-Speed train line. The United States benefits from having the most powerful economy in the game by GDP at $19.3 trillion. With growth, this can grow to more than $25 trillion and beyond. The massive, undeveloped land-area will allow you to built huge swaths of energy plants, highways, train lines and upgrade the national Internet infrastructures.
  • Drawbacks: Being the largest economy, you have the highest sale and purchase price in the game. You will have difficulty creating contracts that can create growth in the country, having to rely on taxes and other revenue to create growth. China's growth is hard-coded into the game, having the ability to beat the US GDP by 2025 or sooner. Cyberattacks can slow this process down, but China will continue to grow. The American financial situation is a delicate one. The US starts off with a 2.60% budget deficit, or $504 billion. The US makes $3.6 trillion in revenue while spending $3.7 trillion. Like Japan and Greece, the American national debt is more than 100% of their GDP with the national debt at a staggering $20 trillion. Debt services and reimbursements alone cost the budget $406.9 billion (10.7% of the overall budget). If the player does not change American financial policy, this debt will soon strangle the financial system of the player. The US starts off with massive trade deficits, especially in steel, building, housing and roadway construction, and even services starting off with $1 trillion trade deficits, services alone accounting for more than $5.1 trillion in a negative trade deficit.